Cookie Pricing:

(Prices below are a general guide. Cookie size and number of colors will determine final cookie cost)

  • Showman on stage - 4.25ea

  • Popcorn - 3.25ea

  • Stars - 1.75ea


Cupcake Pricing

  • Candy flavored - 3.00ea
    (Most popular are Snickers, Strawberry lemonade, cookie dough, Biscoff and Reese...however if you have a favorite candy, cookie, drink or pie flavor you would like to see turned into a cupcake just let me know)

  • Buttercream vanilla and chocolate - 2.00ea

  • Cupcake with mini cookie - 2.50-3.00ea
    (priced determined by cookie details)

Cookie and Cupcake Combos are available.
Please reach out for a custom quote.


Do you have stock cookies or are all of them customized?
I offer holiday gift sets and custom cookies. All custom cookies are made to order according to the customer's specifications. You choose the color, shape, design, optional text, or simply give me a picture/sample to replicate, and I will create the precise cookie for you. 

How much advance notice do you need for an order?
Generally, we require two weeks advance time for most orders. However, we can usually accommodate rush orders in the event of a time crunch. Email or text me with specific inquiries.

How long after purchase can I expect the cookies to remain fresh?
Two  three weeks as long as they're stored at room temperature either in their original packaging (if you requested bagged and sealed) or in an airtight container.

Do you have a minimum order?

Do your cookies come in different sizes?
Standard size is approximately 3-4 inches and mini cookies average approximately 2 in. However, given that the cookies are custom-designed, it's difficult to assign precise measurements.

Tell me about your packaging.
I offer bagged and sealed for .25 cents ea or bagged and bowed for .75 cents each.

Which methods of payment do you accept?
I accept cash, check and Venmo. If you would like to pay with credit card you can do so by setting up your credit card in your Venmo account as one of your paying options. 

Can you ship your cookies?
All orders are for pick up only (occasional deliveries upon request), I am not permitted to ship any of my orders.

What recipes do you use?
My favorite cookie and icing recipe are linked below!